Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

Take your outdoor advertising to the next level with ZuperLED’s outdoor fixed LED screens. Our high-brightness screens are designed to withstand the elements and provide crystal-clear visuals 24/7.

Benefits of Outdoor Fixed LED Screens

– High-brightness and high-contrast visuals
– Waterproof and dust-resistant design
– Energy-efficient and low power consumption
– Durable and long-lasting performance
– Customizable sizes and resolutions

Features of ZuperLED’s Outdoor Fixed LED Screens

– IP65 rating for water and dust resistance
– High-brightness LED panels (up to 6,000 nits)
– Wide viewing angle (up to 180°)
– Supports multiple input sources
– Remote monitoring and maintenance

Applications of Outdoor Fixed LED Screens

– Outdoor advertising and marketing
– Billboard advertising
– Stadium and arena screens
– Event and festival screens
– Digital signage and wayfinding

ZuperLED’s Outdoor Fixed LED Screen Solutions

– Standard and custom sizes
– Wall-mounted and rooftop installations
– Content creation and management
– Technical support and maintenance
– Installation and project management

By choosing ZuperLED’s outdoor fixed LED screens, you can create a stunning visual display that grabs attention and withstands the elements. 

Contact us to learn more about our Outdoor Fixed LED Screen solutions and take your outdoor advertising to the next level.

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